VHD5 Constant Power Point Source

The VHD5 Constant Power Point Source System is a true feat of engineering. Over five years in development it brings the benefits of point source technology to large‑scale concert sound reinforcement. The system delivers audio over large areas with clarity and definition simply not achievable from the digitally processed line arrays that are so commonly used today. The system utilises highly advanced point source speaker design, extremely efficient power management amplifier technology and totally unique hybrid signal processing


For some time now line arrays have been predominantly used for large concert sound systems. Having all components in a single axis array has solved certain issues in respect to comb filtering problems in the horizontal plane, but destructive interference still occurs from the multiple HF horns mounted vertically. The loss of high frequencies and cancellations through air disturbance caused by audience heat and wind is another major issue. Manufacturers have attempted to correct these problems in numerous ways both through acoustic design and DSP, however the end result has been further reductions in resolution, due to the limitations of digital sampling and the simple principles of physics that cannot be ignored.