VHD1.0 – Mid High/Down-fill Enclosure

The VHD1.0 downfill enclosure features a single 12″ low mid woofer, an 8″ transcoil mid-range woofer and the same compression driver as the VHD2.0 on a wide angle 110° horizontal by 40° vertical horn. The rear of the box has been angled for use as a downfill with the VHD2.0. Alternatively as a stand-alone box up to three VHD1.0s can be powered from a single VHD2000 amplifier. Like the VHD2.0, VHD1.0 is available in left and right versions for downfill applications. Designed to be powered as a slave from the VHD2.0 cabinet or directly from the VHD2000 amplifier, all equalization, set up and level are preset providing a plug and play solution for large scale touring and high quality installation.