VHD4.21 Active Passive Bass Module

What is Power without Control. In developing one of the most powerful subwoofer solutions in the world today, our already successful VHD2.21 2×21″ subwoofer has evolved to incorporate a revolutionary new Subwoofer Amplifier design, unique to KV2 and featuring  Ultra High Current delivery, Immense Power, Exceptional Control, coupled with a class leading ‘Green Efficiency’ low consumption power supply. Housing two newly developed large format 21″ Woofers the VHD4.21 Active can power an additional Passive VHD4.21 and deliver up to 14,000 Watts of peak power whilst being plugged in to a standard 16A wall socket. The VHD 4.21 is a truly Amazing product and demonstrates the Pinnacle of KV2’s Pioneering Subwoofer technologies.