ESR Series

The ESR range has been developed for a particular niche in the market where an all in one box is needed to give clear detailed reproduction over a wide area. The ESR212 and 215 are three way full range enclosures with wide dispersion characteristics. They can be used vertically for theatre, church or cultural centre type installations or horizontally mounted to give excellent coverage over a tiered seating area for stadium or grandstand type applications.


Similar to our popular ES range, the ESR cabinets are fully active and driven by a proprietary amplifier, which delivers equalized, and time aligned accurate signal to each of the components. Two ESR cabinets can be driven by a single ESR High Definition Amplifier, which houses all signal processing and amplification, as well as providing control for external subwoofer cabinet configurations if required.

In situations where extended bass response is not needed but full range high definition audio reproduction with extremely good coverage is required, the ESR Range offers an ideal solution. Economies of scale are achieved by the requirement of only one ESR amplifier to run a three way active stereo system where other systems would require processors and multiple amplifiers to achieve a similar configuration