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The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound


The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound

VHD Series

The VHD High Performance Touring and Installation system from KV2 Audio has been designed to revolutionize the Live Sound market by offering unparalleled quality, power, and coverage with huge cost savings in terms of size, weight, transportation, storage, and set up time.​

Challenging the more common application of Line Array Technology VHD builds on the KV2 Audio philosophy of Point Source theory, offering drastically reduced distortion figures (up to 100 times lower than many comparable systems) and a hugely increased dynamic range that takes us to a new level of reproduction previously unheard in large scale audio systems.​

It is generally believed that wide dispersion designs cannot provide high output or long throw. We completely disagree and every day our speakers unquestionably demonstrate this point.At KV2 Audio we meticulously consider the audibility limits of the human ear, and intensively focus on creating technologies that make the listening experience truly superb. With VHD we have created an active driven, vertically arrayable loudspeaker system that overcomes more obstacles and barriers to high definition audio reproduction than any other loudspeaker system. In developing the VHD series of products, we created something truly unique, a true blend of technology and power.

Unlike many high output systems that feature minimal horizontal and vertical dispersion, and require that you assemble multiple cabinets in order to achieve the desired coverage and output, VHD works differently.​​

Even in Line Array Systems, which are a huge step forward over dual axis arrayable systems, a system which measures perfectly in an empty room will be affected by HF interference once the audience arrives. This happens because as the air temperature rises, it begins to move, flowing upwards in a random way. This random movement of air sends the previously perfect, vertically aligned high frequency elements on a collision course, changing direction and resulting in cancellations, hot spots, and poor intelligibility in the longer distance. Characteristics experienced with many of today’s more commonly used systems, but not exhibited when they are measured in a perfect environment.​

In striving for the ultimate goal of Point Source Technology VHD reduces the amount of elements needed to cover a particular area for large scale sound reinforcement, thus removing the interference problems created by multiple sources in modern Line Array systems.​

The VHD 2.0 and VHD 1.0 MidHigh cabinets, driven by a VHD 2000 amplifier are at the heart of this solution forming the core of our VHD system. Reinforcing this are the VHD 2.15, VHD 4.18 and VHD 1.21, three very different active driven subwoofer systems powered by the VHD 3200 amplifier. All systems are based on identical footprints with the VHD 2.15 and VHD 4.18 coming as standard with fly track fitted and symmetrical pick points on both units. Acoustically, they provide three distinct tools that can be used for designing a variety of system configurations. Working exclusively with our amplifiers a complete VHD system represents KV2’s first embodiment of the very best available technology in both the analogue and digital worlds, brought together in our own Hybrid signal processing, where the result is very high definition audio -The pinnacle of KV2 Audio technology in an incredibly compact powerful package.