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The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound

EX Series

There are lots of ‘Powered Speakers’ but at KV2 Audio, building an active speaker goes beyond bolting a Class D amplifier to the back of a box. We work towards creating the best technology in each distinct discipline then integrate each step into a powerful package within the context of a truly remarkable audio system.​

No other comparable speakers can match the performance and resolution of the EX6, EX10 and EX12. That’s the beauty of an active loudspeaker design in which the amplifiers are perfectly matched to the transducers and every component is optimized.Precisely selected amplifier topologies have been designed to deliver power through a unique LF amplifier for perfect control of the woofer, working alongside an HF amplifier implementing a discreet, classic class AB push- pull topology with Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) restricting output transformer.

The primary challenge in building a two-way speaker system is that the crossover point is usually in the middle of critical vocal frequencies. Getting the woofer to operate seamlessly up to and slightly beyond the crossover frequency is the reason why most two-way systems simply lack resolution and depth.​

KV2 Audio has implemented a new Trans-Coil technology that eliminates voice coil inductance, resultingm in a flat impedance response above the resonance point.​

This technology linearises acoustic and electrical phase response, reduces harmonic distortion and increases power transfer and transducer speed. The speaker now behaves like a woofer at lower frequencies and like a mid-range at higher frequencies allowing a seamless transition at the crossover frequency.
For the high frequencies our Nitride Titanium compression drivers, using technology developed for Formula One racing, provide the lowest distortion in their class with an exceptionally smooth, accurate, open and extended high frequency response.
Complete on-board signal management is provided including equalization, phase adjustment, crossover filters, thermal and overdrive protection. The EX6, EX10 and EX12 can be used as full range solutions or with the EX2.2 and EX2.5 Active Subwoofers.
The EX2.2 and EX2.5 each use a version of our proprietary high efficiency, high current switching amplifiers delivering 1000 and 1600 watts respectively at an efficiency of over 90%. Both provide incredibly high quality bass performance and total flexibility from a standalone, small footprint cabinet.