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The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound


The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound

ES Series

The ES System

Aimed at live music, permanent installations and the AV market the ES Series is an embodiment of KV2 Audio’s Active and Active Driven product philosophy. A truly scaleable system it is compact and modular with all the electronics and amplification housed in separate, portable units the EPAK 2500 and 2500R.​

Placing the active electronics package outboard results in a lighter, easier to handle system with much more flexibility. The EPAK 2500/R control unit incorporates four task specific amplifiers, electronic crossover filters, time alignment, equalization, system protection, and level controls.

ES System Technology

Harnessing the technology disciplines of DSD™,Trans-Coil, Nitride NPVD coating and our perfectly matched, task specific amplification, the ES 1.0 Mid/High speaker and the EPAK 2500/R make up the core of the amazing sounding, incredibly dynamic ES system.

Each ES 1.0 requires an EPAK 2500/R to power it and the three way cabinet includes a 12” horn loaded mid bass driver, 6” horn loaded mid speaker, and our new Nitride Titanium 1.75 inch compression driver.​

You can rotate the ES 1.0 horn assembly in order to run the system in a vertical or horizontal configuration, and couple two ES 1.0 cabinets together horizontally to create a very powerful, long throw ES solution.​

Bass made to order

As well as driving the three way ES 1.0 cabinet, a fourth amplifier channel in the EPAK 2500/R control unit is dedicated to powering a choice of ES series subwoofers.​

The ES 1.5 is a lightweight single 15” enclosure, the ES 1.8 a horn reflex, single 18” subwoofer and the ES 2.5 / 2.6 a double 15”, twin asymmetrical design, available in either four ohm (ES2.5) or eight ohm (ES2.6) versions.

Incredibly simple to set up & use

The ES System has been designed for ease of use and quick setup. It would take a dozen or more outboard components, sophisticated measuring equipment and a degree in acoustic engineering to achieve the optimization we’ve built into the EPAK 2500/R. A multi position switch allows you to select from various subwoofer combinations, you decide which plug and play bass modules you want to use, select and go.​

The meticulously designed control electronics inside the EPAK 2500/R constantly monitor and preserve the relationship between each amplifier and component, delivering exactly the right amount – and type – of power throughout the system.

When you’re able to perfectly match an amplifier with a transducer you start to unlock incredible performance that is impossible to achieve with passive systems.

Total system reliability increases dramatically – as does sound quality. With this kind of precision and efficiency built in, you’ll be amazed at the quality, depth, level and resolution produced by an ES system.​