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The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound


The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound

KT2.15 – K_RIG Active-Driven Bass module



  • Part of Groundstack Active Driven System
  • Double 15″ passive subwoofer system
  • Delivers 130dB sustained output of tight, fast, controlled bass response at very high output levels from a relatively small cabinet footprint



  • Professional, Baltic birch construction with wear resistant polymer coating
  • 130dB sustained output, 133dB peak
  • Excellent reproduction of bass frequencies with high transient content at high output levels
  • 2 x 15- high output, low frequency driver with 3″ (75mm) inside/outside, epoxy baked, high temperature, voice coil assembly and ferrite magnetic structures
  • Two recessed side handles for simplified handling and carrying​



Specifically designed as a subwoofer of K-RIG loudspeaker systems.

  • Portable PA
  • Dance clubs
  • Reproduced music