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The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound


The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound

KPAK2600 – K-RIG System Amplifier



  • Three-way, active control and amplification unit specifically designed for the K-RIG Groundstack loudspeaker system
  • Houses all signal processing and three individual amplifiers
  • Road-rugged enclosure, Baltic birch cabinet with built in cable storage compartment
  • Suspension system
  • Passive heat sink along with two demand-sensitive fans for added reliability



  • 3-way. 2300W Control and Amplification system for use specifically with KT2.0 and KT2.15 speaker cabinets
  • High Frequency, 200W, Class AB. push-pull, low intermodulation amplifier with transformer balanced outputs
  • Mid frequency. 500W, Class AB, high efficiency, switch mode, low intermodulation design amplifier
  • Subwoofer. 1600W, high efficiency, current enhancing, switching amplifier
  • Complete, on board speaker management system including equalization.
  • time alignment. crossover filters, amplifier overdrive protection, harmonics and output level controls
  • AC soft start circuitry with ON/OFF AC breaker switch provides thorough power protection
  • Passive heat dissipation design with demand-sensitive forced cooling back-up system
  • Professional enclosure using exterior-grade Baltic birch with wear resistant polymer coating
  • Removable front cover provides storage of all AC and speaker cables
  • Bass Character- Attack or extension switch alters the low frequency character
  • Includes all speaker cables for a single stack K-RIG system



Specifically designed as the amplification and control elements for the K-PAK loudspeaker systems.

  • Portable PA
  • Dance clubs
  • Reproduced music