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The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound




Designed is response to call for a High Output Ultra low frequency subwoofer solution, the VHD 2.21 is a double 21” subwoofer with an input power handling capability of 3200W and output levels of 146dB for two cabinets. Whilst larger than KV2 Audio’s existing subwoofers it still fits in with the companies philosophy of providing incredible performance from within a compact footprint.

Originally designed for Super Live Audio as part of a VHD system it is voiced for both Live Music but also excels in the field of Club and Dance Music. In this situation it works very effectively, operating down to 25Hz, alongside other VHD products, the smaller ES range, or as an incredible stand-alone subwoofer that can complement any other manufacturers systems.

Unlike traditional 21” subwoofers that are typically designed as more of an effect subwoofer, the VHD 2.21 boasts tight, fast delivery and extreme dynamics, even at higher bass frequencies – qualities rarely found in such a large unit.



  • Subwoofers for medium to large live music and playback touring applications.
  • Very high quality fixed installations working as the above.
  • Professional portable PA systems for large format AV speech and multimedia playback.
  • Very High Definition dance systems providing the ultimate low frequency reproduction for clubs and events.




System Acoustic Perfomance​

Max SPL Long-term 132dB (141dB 2xVHD
Max SPL Peak 141dB (143dB 2xVHD
-3dB Response 34Hz ÷ 180Hz
-10dB Response 28Hz ÷ 240Hz
Sensitivity 104dB
Crossover Point 60Hz ÷ 120Hz


Low Frequency Section

Acoustic Design Bandpass with low port
Subwoofer Amplifier 3200W / 1x VHD2.21
Requirement (bridged VHD3200 amp.)
Woofer Size / Voice Coil 2 x 21″ / 4.3″
Diameter / Design
Diaphgram Material Epoxy Reinforced
Magnet Type Neodymium Advanced


Speaker Input

Speaker Input EP4


Product Number

KVV 987 249VHD2.21


Physical Dimensions

Height 700mm (27.56″)
Width 1080mm (42.52″)
Depth 1200mm (47.24″)
Weight 145kg (319.66lbs)