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The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound


The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound




The VHD 4.18 is a quad 18”subwoofer system comprising of four individual loudspeaker cabinets. The objective is to make the system easy to transport and setup. When assembled, the VHD 4.18 system becomes a high efficiency neodymium subwoofer system with immense output. The system was designed with very high sensitivity in mind; it provides 110 dB at 1W/1m and a tremendous output of 149dB when running at full power. Each cabinet incorporates a large port area that becomes an optimized horn aperture when all four cabinets are assembled. The quad 18” subwoofer system delivers extreme output, controlled low frequencies and resolution. It also comes with integrated Fly-Track for securing on the ground or where flying the subwoofers is a preference.



  • Subwoofers for large and medium sized live music touring applications alongside VHD 2.0 / VHD 1.0.
  • Very high quality fixed installations working as the above.
  • Professional portable P.A systems for large format AV speech and multimedia playback.
  • Very High Definition dance systems providing the ultimate low frequency reproduction for clubs and events.




System Acoustic Perfomance

Max SPL Long-term 146dB (4x VHD 4.18)
Max SPL Peak 149dB (4x VHD 4.18)
-3dB Response 36Hz ÷ 100Hz
-10dB Response 31Hz ÷ 100Hz
Sensitivity 102dB (107dB 2x VHD
Crossover Point 100Hz


Low Frequency Section

Acoustic Design Horn reflex loaded
Subwoofer Amplifier 800W / 1x VHD4.18
Requirement (VHD3200 amp.)
Woofer Size / Voice Coil 18″ / 4″ / Inside Outside
Diameter / Design
Diaphgram Material Epoxy Reinforced
Magnet Type Advanced ventilated


​​Speaker Input

Speaker Input EP4


Speaker Output

Speaker Output EP4



Cabinet Material 15mm Baltic birch
Handles 6
Color “Orange peeled” Matt
  Black or any RAL


Product Number

KVV 987 079 VHD4.18


Physical Dimensions

Height 600mm (23.62″)
Width 700mm (27.55″)
Depth 750mm (29.52″)
Weight 52kg (114.4lbs)