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The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound


The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound

EX 2.5 Mk2 Low Frequency Solution



The EX 2.5 Mk2 is a double 15” subwoofer and the ‘active’ brother of the ES 2.6 passive bass module. It provides depth and power that belies its size. The product uses the same low frequency amplifier found inside the EPAK 2500/2500R and features in-built stereo crossovers, High Pass outputs, and full overdrive protection. It also features a new Speaker Level output on a EP4 connector to drive one additional passive ES 2.6 subwoofer from its own internal amplifier. (Not to be used with a passive ES 2.5)​


  • High quality fixed installations.
  • Large Portable PA Systems for A.V speech and multimedia playback.
  • Medium to large -sized live music applications.
  • Mobile DJ.
  • Stand alone subwoofer to supplement an existing passive or active system.​​​


​System Acoustic Performance​

​Max SPL Long-term 131dB
Max SPL Peak 134dB
-3dB Response 38Hz ÷ 125Hz
-10dB Response 34Hz ÷ 125Hz
Crossover Point 125Hz

Low Frequency Section

​​Acoustic Design Twin Asymmetrical loading
Woofer Size / Voice Coil 2x 15” / 4” / Inside
Diameter / Design outside
Diaphragm Material Epoxy Reinforced Cellulose
Magnet Type Neodymium

Low Frequency Amplifier Specification

Type High efficiency, Low frequency, Current-enhancing switch mode
​Rated Continuous Power 1600W
​Distortion <0.05%
Operating Bandwidth​ 34Hz ÷ 125Hz

Signal Input

Input Channels 2
Input Sensitivity 1,0V RMS
Input Impedance 20kΩ (balanced)

​Signal Input

Output channels Mid/High, Through


Level Control​ -6 – +6dB
​Phase 0° / 180°​
RMS Limiter​ YES
Indicators Power ON/Thermal, Limiter


Power Connector Neutrik PowerCon®
Operating Voltage 115V / 230V / 250V
Operating Voltage 100÷120V@60Hz |
Range 205÷240V@50Hz | 225÷260V@50Hz
Recommended 16A 115V | 8A 230V | 8A
Amperage 250V


Cabinet Material Baltic birch
Handles 4​
Pole Mount M20
Color ​​”Orange peeled” Matt Black or any RAL

Product Number

KVV 987 180EX2.5 MkII 250V
KVV 987 179EX2.5 MkII 230V
KVV 987 178EX2.5 MkII 115V

Physical Dimensions

Height 600mm (23.62”)
Width 700mm (27.55”)
Depth 750mm (29.52”)
Weight 90kg (198.0lbs)