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The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound


The Kingdom of Perfectly Clear Sound

EX12 Extreme Resolution Active Speaker System



The EX12 further builds on the success of the EX6 and EX10 by implementing the revolutionary 3” NVPD large format compression driver found in our flagship VHD range of products. This makes for one of the most perfectly balanced and accurate, compact, 2-way active boxes available on the market today. Complete on-board control courtesy of electronic crossovers, phase alignment, equalization and speaker protection all integrated into the EX12’s amplifier module.​


  • High quality fixed installations.
  • Portable PA Systems for AV, speech and multimedia playback.
  • Small to medium-sized Live Music applications.
  • Mobile DJ (when used with EX2.2 or EX2.5 Active Bass Module).
  • Floor monitoring applications.​


System Acoustic Perfomance​

Max SPL Long-term 127dB
Max SPL Peak 130dB
-3dB Response ​55Hz – 22kHz
-10dB Response 45Hz – 30kHz
Crossover Point 1.1kHz

High Frequence Section

Acoustic Design Horn Loaded
High Horn Coverage ​80° x 40°
Horizontal / Vertical
Throat Exit Diameter / Diaphragm Size 1,4″ / 3″
Diaphragm Materia Nitride Titanium​
Magnet Type ​Neodymium​

High Frequency Amplifier Specification

Type ​Class AB Push-Pull
Rated Continuous Power 50W
​Distortion <0.05%
​​Operating Bandwidth 1.1kHz – 30kHz

​​Low Frequency Section

Acoustic Design ​Front Loaded, Bass Reflex
​Woofer Size / Voice Coil 12″ / 2.5″ / Trans Coil
Diameter / Design
Magnet Type ​Neodymium
Diaphragm Material Epoxy Reinforced Cellulose

​​​Low Frequency Amplifier Specification

Type ​High efficiency, Current-enhancing switch mode
​Rated Continuous Power 450W
Distortion <0.05%
Operating Bandwidth 45Hz – 1.1kHz

Signal Input

Input Sensitivity 1,0V RMS
Input Impedance 20 kΩ


Power Connector Neutrik PowerCon®
Operating Voltage 100-120V@60Hz | 205-
Range 240V@50Hz | 225-260V@50Hz
Recommended 6A 115V | 3A 230V | 3A
Amperage 250V


Cabinet Material ​Baltic birch
Handles 1​
Pole Mount 35mm​
Color ​​”Orange peeled” Matt Black or any RAL

Product Number

KVV 987 095EX12 250V​

KVV 987 059EX12 230V

KVV 987 060EX12 115V

Physical Dimensions

​​Height 596mm (23.46″)
Width 368mm (14.48″)
Depth 368mm (14.48″)
Weight 29kg (63.8lbs)